It is only possible to define when a child is ready to start saxophone classes if he or she knows which type of musical instrument is better for him/her. Of course, children need to be physically developed to deal with the keys and mature enough to study notes and practice. There are four types of saxophones:

  • Soprano;
  • Tenor;
  • Alto;
  • Baritone;

They are different in sound and size. Also, the prices are different – alto is much more affordable than baritone, so you must be ready to pay more for a heavier brass instrument. The best one to start with is alto saxophone. It is the lightest and the shortest type of instrument. Its length is just about two feet. Children can start playing this saxophone since age of 7-8. It is the most appropriate for young students, as they are not overloaded

Another popular kind of saxophone is tenor. It is frequently employed in various music styles. The length of tenor saxophone is traditionally 33 inches. Those kids who adore the sound of tenor saxophone and don’t want to play alto can start with age of 8. The only thing is that they must be ready for is to carry the instrument in spite of its weight and volume.

The largest type of the instrument is baritone. Its length is approximately four feet and it’s heavy to carry around. Due to the necessity to hold the instrument while playing, children should be about 9-10 years old to start playing baritone saxophone.

An extremely advantageous thing about saxophones is that there is no significant difference in the manner of playing and music reading. You can easily change alto to baritone and play it the same well as soon as you get used to the embouchure. It is another reason why starting with alto is the best decision.

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