Probably, there are many people who do not play piano, but wish they did. I can often hear how people who only took 1-2 piano lessons express their regrets about not taking more of them.

If you start thinking about giving your child a chance to take piano lessons in Oakville, we definitely support this idea! Your child will be able to enjoy a range of great cognitive benefits, even if he or she takes only several lessons. There are five main reasons why you should allow your child to learn how to play the piano.

#1. Piano lessons help learn to work hard and concentrate

Sitting at the piano and practicing every day requires lots of efforts and patience. People who are able to continue things that may be difficult are more likely to gain success in life. If a child faces different opportunities challenging him or her, this will help to discover many different exciting areas of their lives in future.

Learning how to concentrate, sit down and work hard is a very useful skill that will help your child during all his or her life.

#2. Piano lessons improve reading and speech ability, creativity and listening skills

You may be surprised that these skills can really be connected with piano lessons. There has been conducted a research regarding a positive impact of music on the cognitive ability that it is hard to list all of the results. You can believe me that music helps improve the brain in many different ways. If you wish to obtain more information on that, you can find sources on the Internet regarding the benefits of music education. It is really exciting to know how music works for people!

Even if you do not believe that your child will take piano lessons for a long period of time, you still should let him or her start taking them. Even if his or her education lasts for a short period of time only, your child will obtain lots of great benefits. Learning how to play an instrument is very similar to learning a foreign language. That is why a music lesson triggers similar parts of the brain.

#3. Children can better recognize mood, feelings and emotions

Even subtle changes in our voices can tell how we feel. Changes in music also allow us to sense emotions, such as changes in volume, tone, melody, etc. It is amazing how many “emotions” you can interpret when listening to music! Piano lessons will help your child learn lots of interesting things related to empathy and feelings.

According to research, those children who have taken music lessons can notice even subtle differences in tone, including both in speech and music. This can make them better listeners. This also develops an ability to recognize emotions conveyed by people through conversation.

#4. Performing in public develops confidence

It is a great challenge to sit in front of many people and try to play a melody. Thanks to such performances, your child will develop self-confidence, which is a great trait to have in life.

I myself have experienced all these benefits myself. I recall those times when I stood in front of lots of people who stared at me, waiting for something to be said. Honestly, I was terrified, but then I got the right idea! It did not really matter what I was going to talk about then, because it was much easier than playing the piano for them. All of my nervousness vanished right away. I believe that it was only thanks of all of those music lessons that I have ever taken that I could feel so confident.

#5. It is a great skill to have!

I have listed several cognitive benefits of taking piano lessons, but there is also one important thing that I wish to share with you. If you know how to play the piano, you really enjoy it. It is really an amazing feeling to be able to read musical notes and play something incredibly beautiful.

It does not matter how old you are and who you are because during all of your life you will enjoy this awesome feeling to be able to play the piano.

I can tell you for sure that playing the piano is one of the best things that I have ever learnt. I am very grateful that my parents allowed me to take music lessons and that they never allowed me to quit them.

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