Never played the piano? No problem! We are pleased to offer you piano lessons for complete beginners. 

Piano Lessons for Kids (Beginners)

Our main goal is to convey the joy of playing the piano and study music with pleasure and playfulness.

We usually start with

  • Learning how to name all the notes on the piano
  • How to identify where notes are on the piano
  • Learn the correct finger placement, hand, and sitting positions while playing piano
  • Scales and chord progressions
  • We are ready to move on to musical pieces

Playing the piano is not just fun, it contributes to the development of intelligence, coordination, improves logic, starts creative thinking!

The lessons are held in a creative game form, so kids can demonstrate their first results of playing the piano very soon and with great pleasure!

The piano teacher will also give you individual feedback on your progress after the lesson.

Piano lessons for Adults

Regardless the age, we think everyone can learn how to play the piano.

If you already have some experience playing the piano, we will help you make progress and set new goals and achieve them together. Our teachers choose the program so that it would be really interesting for you to study at our school.

If you are just starting your way of learning to play the piano, we have books and a program built specifically for teaching adults without the experience of playing the piano.

Music School Policy

Our Music School does not require to take semester minimums for lessons. ​Every student has a choice to enroll on a month-to-month basis or for a full semester.

Here at Ontario’s Professional School of Music, you can enroll yourself or your child at any time! Whether it be at the end or the beginning of the month we will be happy to get you started right away! 

* We have a special price for students who want to enroll for a whole year! 

We have End Of Semester Recitals for our students!

Benefits Of Playing Piano For Children

Learning how to play the piano is an ideal option for exploring music, because the piano is the most common and versatile instrument. Kids will not only be able to play pieces from our program but after a while, they will be able to pick up their favorite tunes and play them, whether it be pop or even rock music.

Playing the piano will help the child:

  • improve fine motor skills and finger dexterity, thereby improving handwriting and other skills;
  • to develop attention, because the child will have to simultaneously monitor both hands, notes, maintain the rhythm and tempo of the music;
  • If the child has started playing the piano, it doesn’t mean that the goal is to become a musician. Your child will have a new interest and hobby that will undoubtedly expand future horizons. As a result, the child will be a comprehensively developed personality.
  • to improve school performance, as the child will strive to plan his time;
  • Many studies have been conducted, during which it became clear that playing the piano stimulates productivity, which will help children in their future life. 

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