Belonging to the class of wind instruments, flute requires its player to be both strong enough to hold the flute in a correct way, keep right posture and have strong lungs to produce sufficient amount of out-coming air to create nice tone. Moreover, it is only possible to play in case your child has well-developed hands and fingers to be able to operate the keys of flute.

Although you can let your kid get acquainted with the instruments at age of 3 or 4, real studying can only be started when a child is about seven years old. At this age kids usually obtain the necessary academic skills, they experience no difficulty in keeping attention and following instructions.

It is better to attend flute classes when s child is 100% ready, otherwise, a wrong leaning body position while playing might affect further skills development. The sound will be too difficult to produce and a small student will not be able to feel the overall beauty of flute sound due to an inability to produce a sufficient one.

Fortunately, there is a curved head joint which is a tool used to reduce the weight of the instrument by cutting down its length without damaging the sound or decreasing the quality of playing skills. So, if your son or daughter is longing for flute classes, you may employ such a tool to make the dream come true.

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