It is nearly impossible to name the exact age of an ideal student due to individual features of any child. While the most suitable age to start drum lessons is seven, it doesn’t mean that children aged six are not able to play drums, as well as there is no guarantee that older children would be able to start easily. You can check whether a child is ready or not relying on several factors:

  • Physical development;
  • Maturity;
  • Ability to study.

Playing drums requires a lot of physical tension, the biggest load is for fingers and wrists. That means that a new student must be strong enough to manage not only holding drumsticks but also exercise a lot. It is challenging even for adult drummers who haven’t practiced for a long time. Thus, if a kid is too small despite being older than seven, it’s better to wait a little to avoid drum lessons being harmful for him or her.

Nearly the same is about maturity. If your child is responsible enough in terms of learning new information and skills, it is a sign that drum lessons might be started. This is also closely connected with academic skills which are necessary to study theoretical information to be able to read music, count in right way, etc.

Thus, if your child is strong enough to practice for a couple of hours a day with drumsticks, mature and ready to accept theory, it is high time he/she joined drum classes.

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