In some cases, music lessons that were taken by a child have high chances to leave some painful memories and life lessons that, in fact, bring several benefits into future adult life. According to the studies that have been made recently, those adults who have once taken music lessons many years ago have the talent to process the sounds of speeches a lot faster compared to adults who haven’t been into music.

Moreover, Nina Kraus, the author of the study, says that it doesn’t even matter what kind of musical instrument the one played, what matters is the fact that you actually played and experienced the game of sounds. Together with her collaborators, she examined 44 adults paying attention and measuring the level of electrical activity located at that part of the human brain that is responsible for processing sounds coming from the outside.

According to the study, they managed to find out that those people, who had 4 to 14 years of being a part of musical training and similar lessons, showed faster responses to several speeches comparing to other people. In fact, none of them have played a musical instrument for years.

Nina Kraus says that the study emphasizes the importance of good musical education, not just for children but also adults. She also adds that the study is another proof of the musical training lasting for the whole life of an individual which has a positive effect on the human’s brain. When it comes to Dr. Kraus herself, she plays the guitar, piano and drums.

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