Since modern technologies are developing rapidly, electronic pianos have become one of the alternatives that you can think about if you need to purchase a piano for home. Lots of these products offer amazing sound reproduction, and some offer real acoustic piano feel. I will share my opinion with you on both. This will help you make the right choice.

Acoustic Pianos

Playing a quality well-tuned acoustic piano is incomparable to anything else. Acoustic pianos are available at a higher price than their electric analogs. You may think that having all of the benefits is worth paying the price for an acoustic piano. You can purchase a baby grand, concert grand or spinet piano. If you take care of your piano well, you will use it for a long period of time even if you have spent lots of money on it.

If you are a novice user, you should be looking for an affordable, well-tuned and mechanically sound instrument. It is recommended to make a purchase from a reliable dealer. If you wish to buy a piano privately, you should make sure that the instrument has undergone a comprehensive technician check. Only a skilled technician can identify hidden problems that may require more money to be fixed than a piano is worth.

A nice console piano was my first instrument. When I was 19, I bought a grand piano that served me well for another ten years. Then, I decided to make a move forward and purchased a concert piano. It is understandable that as you keep playing mastering your skills, you just want to check out what higher level pianos can offer you and how good you are playing them. I still believe that playing a nice spinet piano is better than playing all those grand pianos. That is why you should not think that bigger means better.

Digital Pianos

I think that electric pianos are perfect for beginning children. Not only are these instruments affordable, but they are also portable. Lots of such pianos offer a good range of rhythms and sounds. Children just love playing their exercises using various sounds. One of the most important advantages of these pianos is that you can control loudness and even use headphones to play the music. This will really be appreciated by other family members or even neighbors.

You do not really need a concern action and feel at the beginning of learning. The main thing that a learner should focus on is learning the fundamentals. You will be able to improve your technique later when the entire basis has been covered. If you are interested in taking Oakville piano lessons feel free to contact us anytime.

On entry level, I recommend purchasing a piano with Full-Size Keys and an ability to use a Sustain Pedal. In my home, my kids can use two acoustic pianos (a concert grand and a spinet one), but they prefer the electric piano for practicing. I can see how much they enjoy the process. When they become more experienced pianists, they will feel a need to try something different. I am sure that in the future they will definitely start playing a quality grand piano. I may also try to push them to try their skills playing an acoustic piano later, but there is no need in this now. 

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