Whatever style of music you prefer, be sure that our school will be able to provide you with a professional piano teacher featuring all the qualities you need. We are really proud of our teaching personnel, as they are not only high skilled instructors working in different styles, but also acting performers who permanently refresh their knowledge.

There are various types of lessons available: apart from ordinary piano lessons, you may take lessons with a vocal teacher, so that you can play and sing simultaneously. In case you need some theory to be explained to you, just tell your piano teacher about it, and extra theory will be included in your program.

The most important thing for us is to provide our students with an opportunity to perform. It’s crucial for musicians to share their talent and practice in public. However, performing is not compulsory and if you study playing the piano for yourself or are too shy to perform, you may just refuse.

The age of our students starts from 5 years old. There is no term system – learning is monthly based and you can easily start learning to play the piano with our professional teachers any time you wish.