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You can end your search for the most high-quality piano lessons in Oakville! Oakville Music School provides students an abundance of amenities – far more than other Oakville schools of music. We do not simply provide basic piano lessons. We give students a thoroughly educational experience that allows them numerous opportunities to perform and polish their piano skills while networking, too. We treat students and their families like our own beloved family. Every new student is eligible to rent a free electric piano. This gives our students the opportunity to jump into learning piano without any obstacles that might stem from other music institutions or private piano instructors.

We employ an average of 20 skilled music teachers; each one has college or university training. Every one of our instructors dedicates themselves to understanding each student’s unique musical goals, then they strive to help them achieve those goals. There is a minimum of three music instructors for each instrument, so we are sure that we can pair you with the proper teacher to meet your needs and preferences. Aside from their excellent teaching credentials, every one of our teachers is friendly, personable, and passionate about teaching you everything there is to know about your preferred style of music.

We take great pride in carefully choosing our piano teachers from the most skilled and qualified pianists in Oakville. We thoroughly scrutinize their experience and skills before welcoming them to our staff. Our diverse group of teachers offer piano lessons in different music genres such as rock, jazz, pop, and classical.

Due to our in-depth piano lessons in Oakville, our students can read music and quickly learn to perform with other students and musicians. Our school gives each student the opportunity to record and perform music at popular Oakville venues throughout the year.

As you are here collecting information about the best music school, please keep our numerous benefits in mind and discover why we are the top choice for Oakville music lessons.

Oakville Piano Lessons: How Is Our School Unique?

We offer quality lessons from highly experienced professionals.

Each piano teacher has proper accreditation and have enjoyed prosperous music careers.

We also offer a $25 trial lesson for piano players.

Our lessons are budget-friendly and convenient.

We offer highly competitive rates, beneficial policies, and our school is open six days per week.