guitar lessons Oakville

Beginners are accepted to our school despite their age: whether these are children who are eager to get their first guitar lessons, or adults striving to find a new hobby for themselves. However, the important thing here is that you should work with an experienced teacher to reach success, who will track the progress and see when students become more confident when playing the guitar as they learn.

Our school has become a reputable place for both intermediate and advanced instruction. Our bass and guitar instructors have years of knowledge and experience, which are brought to every lesson. The plans of studying are always based on the needs of students and the style. Very often teachers work with those who want to get ready for auditions, learn the theory, perform live or make music a part of their life.

Guitar instructors are experienced in various styles: rock, jazz, folk, pop, classical, bluegrass, metal, etc. We offer our lessons to students of all levels and starting with age 5.