Music Lessons In Oakville

At our school, students from advanced levels to children as young as four years of age are welcomed. Students get the opportunity to learn at their own pace in our one-on-one, private music lessons.

The Ontario Ministry of Education recognizes our curriculum. Students from beginner to advanced in preparation for their exams for the Royal Conservatory of Music have found our methods help them to find success.

Our Contribution To The Community

For years, our award-winning students at the National Academy of Music have positively impacted Oakville and the communities surrounding it.

Recitals: The beautiful Noel Ryan Auditorium is the site of our music recitals.

Scholarships: Some of our most successful students have been awarded scholarships by the Peel Music Festival.

Festivals: Students at our school have entered competitions in festivals such as the Oakville Music Festival, the Davenport Music Festival, Burlington Fall Music Festival, the Kiwanis Music Festival, and the Peel Music Festival.

Awards: In many GTA competitions, our students have been awarded first place.

We want our students to enjoy their time learning at our music school and we care deeply about their progress as musicians. To find out how you can book your first music lesson, contact us today.

Have you been looking for piano lessons in Oakville for either an adult or young learner? We provide music lessons to students at all skill levels from beginners to graduates of the Royal Conservatory of Music. To start learning how to play the piano, join the fun now.

You can find outstanding guitar lessons in Oakville for children and adults at our school. There are several different styles taught ranging from classical to rock. You can be entertaining others tomorrow if you start studying with us today.

Explore the potential of your inner voice. You can gain the confidence to begin performing in front of an audience by studying singing in our Oakville vocal classes.

Both adults and young children are inspired by the elegant violin. You just might become the next violin virtuoso when you sign up for violin lessons in Oakville.

One of the first woodwind instruments in the world is the flute and this instrument is played in many of today’s modern genres including classical, rock, and jazz. It is an instrument for the ages and you can learn to play it at our school.

While on the road to becoming a skilled drummer, we make learning drums fun in our Oakville drum lessons. It’s only a beat away from a lifetime of enjoyment for students ranging from four to adult.